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Student International Experience Plan (SIEP)

All students (individuals and groups) participating in a university-sponsored or affiliated program will need to complete a Student International Experience Plan (SIEP) in order to be registered in the database. They must also submit proof of registering with the U.S. Department of State.

Steps to complete the Student International Experience Plan (SIEP)

1. The student (as an individual or group leader) completes a SIEP

2. The SIEP is reviewed and approved by the Program Coordinator or Faculty/Staff advisor ensuring that the students receive pre-departure orientation and that all other requirements are met. The student (or Trip Coordinator in the case of a group) is responsible for ensuring that the following is forwarded to the Center for Global Engagement (mail code 4216) at least five working days prior to travel. Please note that the Center for Global Engagement’s role is to process the required forms and proof of insurance for submission to the International Experience Database. CGE does not provide the pre-departure training or risk assessment required for the safety of outbound students and student groups.

3.  The Center for Global Engagement will send confirmation to the student and the Faculty/Staff advisor once all of the requirements have been met.

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